Social Media: How Do I Stay Relevant? Part 1

So, you’ve decided which social media platforms are best suited to your business.

You’ve set up the accounts.

You’ve added the pages.

Now what?

How do you make sure your social media presence becomes and stays relevant to your potential customers?

Do you make statements on social issues?

Is any post I can think of worth putting up?

We will get to these but you’ve missed the most basic point with these questions.

If a page or social media account exists and there is no content does anyone care?


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Social Media: How Do I Stay Relevant? Part 2

Why is everybody using the “#” so much on social media nowadays?

What is it for?

Will it help more people notice my business?

What about these challenges that I see going around, can I create my own? Should I participate?

Is it important for my business to follow everything that’s popular on the platform right now?

All of these are important questions and all of them will help you maintain a vibrant and relevant social media presence for your company.

Let’s start with that “#”!


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