Do I Need Branding?

Do I Need Branding?

We’ve all seen them.

Those random cube vans or pickups that are driving around with the company name written in Times New Roman on their door with just a phone number.

They’re obviously busy, I mean they’re driving around so they must have work right?

lack of branding

So why should I spend time and money developing a logo, colour scheme, and everything else that goes along with branding when I could just spend 20 seconds on my computer?

Do I even need branding?

The answer is complicated but, in short.


I won’t deny that while it is easier, and works better for certain companies, to throw up the simple typeface and just constantly refer to that.

However, branding offers so many benefits that in most cases it will outweigh the extra work and money it will take to set up.

Branding helps visitors recognize your products amongst a sea of others.

It helps develop a sense of loyalty.

For a great example of what branding can do, think of Kleenex.

When was the last time you sneezed and asked yourself “Now where did I put my box of facial tissues?”


Because Kleenex has accomplished what so many others try to do, and what branding can help you with:

Becoming a household name and getting recognized everywhere they are, by everyone who sees them.

Ryan O'Donoghue

Ryan O'Donoghue is the co-founder and head web developer for Rycob Media. With web development and company management a passion for his entire life he has decided to take those passions and help others get started online!

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